Spirit now ready on PI-80

 A free Spirit-A-go-go commemorative t-shirt offered to the first 10 orders of a PI-80 for Spirit

 SAD4096 replacement for Bally Centaur reverb sound board

 Sound/speech boards available! (Black Hole, Haunted House ...)

 Recoverable VAT for professional clients within the European Union

 Multiball Haunted House with speech!

 We speak English

 Si parla italiano

 Wanneer u niet in Frans of Engels kunt mailen, stuur dan uw vraag in het Nederlands, wij hebben een mogelijkheid tot vertalen.

You can contact us by using the FAQ (for general questions) or SUPPORT (for after sale service) links in the table below.

ATTENTION: For availability reasons, we can only give an answer to the emails DIRECTLY related to our various boards.

They are mainly designed for Gottlieb System-1, 80 & 80A pinball games series, with a small run for Stern (add-on board for Simpsons).

Nothing planned yet for Williams, Data East, Atari, Zaccaria, Sega, Rally, Playmatic.. ?
Alas, that's true, but any newly designed board will show up here (and advertized for on the web) once available!

No we don't sell pinball spare parts whatsoever.
We have already been asked for rubbers, fuses, legs, lamps, balls, TZ clocks, etc.
Check on the web or, better, visit the many pinball expos around you.

Nonetheless, we can sell (after a first technical contact to evaluate the malfunction and the repair feasability) spare components for our own boards, hence only for the boards described here.

For the rest, we neither have enough time nor energy to keep an all-purpose multi-brand hot-line.

Thanks for your kind understanding.  

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Which type of board for my pinball?
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A question about the AVAILABILITY OF A GAME ?
 REGISTER and you'll be informed when the game is available.
Any other question? Technical, means of payment, performances etc..?
 No doubt the FAQ section has the answer.

A problem with one of our boards?
 Pay a visit to the SUPPORT page, we have the solution.