Spirit now ready on PI-80

 A free Spirit-A-go-go commemorative t-shirt offered to the first 10 orders of a PI-80 for Spirit

 SAD4096 replacement for Bally Centaur reverb sound board

 Sound/speech boards available! (Black Hole, Haunted House ...)

 Recoverable VAT for professional clients within the European Union

 Multiball Haunted House with speech!

Please note: no shipping until October 31st. But you can meet us at the following expos: Sorgues (FR), October 7-8 and Manchester (UK), October 14-15.


Pinballs are equipped with FLIPPP boards in all these regions.
  Confidentiality on our client details is respected: only one star by county, whatever the number of clients. No link with the actual address, nor with the number of sold boards.