Spirit now ready on PI-80

 A free Spirit-A-go-go commemorative t-shirt offered to the first 10 orders of a PI-80 for Spirit

 SAD4096 replacement for Bally Centaur reverb sound board

 Sound/speech boards available! (Black Hole, Haunted House ...)

 Recoverable VAT for professional clients within the European Union

 Multiball Haunted House with speech!

Pascal Janin
Photo © Gérald Tournier
FLIPPP! is an engaged and non-profit organisation.

 We don't take any money from selling the boards. This means that their price is the lowest possible. Our only pleasure is to see games working back instead of being trashed because of no suitable boards.

 All boards are designed and programmed by Pascal Janin, then assembled, soldered and tested in France by professional companies.

 Everything, including the solder stations and test hardware, is new and bought from professionnal electronics retailers; the programming equipment is purchased from a professional manufacturer in Germany.

 All components are bought in France thru professional distributors, with very rare exceptions for very specific components when not available locally.

 The PCBs (printed circuit boards) are made in France or Germany with the highest quality.

 The manual is printed in France on recycled paper or on paper coming from forests which are responsibly managed.

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Our legal address:
Pascal Janin
38 rue Georges Brassens
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         Don't send it back to this address, but use the contact page.

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In memory of Steve Charland (1956-2017)

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